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Meet Curt + Myr

Dreaming and creating seems to be as natural as breathing for us. Pair that with hospitality and family, and you get Curt + Myr Co. We were up late one night, burning the midnight oil around a bowl of popcorn, when for fun we came up with a design for a doorstop, and soon after, a tic tac toe game, and then a bread board. The ideas and excitement escalated quickly, and we knew right then and there that Curt + Myr Co. had to happen. Not only were we thrilled at the idea of creating home and family goods that the support the values we firmly believe in, but we had also found another space where we could bond, unite, dream, create and work together.

To us, Curt + Myr Co. is more than just a hobby or business. It's a space that allows us to invest into our family, our marriage, and other people. Every product we design and create is made to order specifically for you. No batchwork or bulk production. Each piece made by a person, for a person.

So we invite you to come along in this journey with us as we share more of our story and ideas. We could not be more excited to embark on this dream with you.

Curt + Myr